Couch Fort

Salon‘s got an article up about stay/work at home dads, mentioning that even though the experience and conditions have certainly changed, the old expectations of Michael Keaton’s Mr. Mom still persist.

Some of the best parts of this article, however, take on the idea of gender expectations of men and emotional conflicts between a working-out-of-home father and a stay at home father. A Minnesota father named Russ mentions that “if more men stayed home with their children, they’d be getting their wives a lot less pregnant.” Very possible.

There’s also some talk in the article of discrimination from parent groups, which happens more than you’d think.

Also, the article mentions one of our BFFs, Canadian Dad, who we’d also mentioned recently too.

We don’t want to ruin the ending of the article – but let’s just say that the author, Mary Elizabeth Williams, says that staying home with your kids is awesome, whether you’re a man or woman. “A father, even a father who doesn’t go into an office, is not a babysitter,” says Williams. “He is not Mr. Mom. He is Mr. Dad.”

Score! Check out Salon for the rest of the story.

(photo affectionately stolen from Flickr user Michael-A)