Rogier Meijer

If you didn’t dig last night’s daddy-daughter basketball moment, first of all, you’re a soulless butthole. Second, we got your back. If you’re not into basketball, our WOPR-8BIT says you’re into football. And not football, as in American handegg, but football as in soccer.

Let’s set the scene for you:

So, in the United States, if your team is bad, nothing happens. You continue to make a ton of money and get shoe deals. In European soccer leagues, if your team is bad, you risk relegation. Relegation basically knocks you back to the B-league. You lose TV time, and you don’t compete in the bigs until you get the chance to fight your way back in the next season. In the Dutch league, (which just so happens to be the subject of the video you’ll eventually get to watch), a team called De Graafschap was relegated last week. One of the team’s players, Rogier Meijer sat on the pitch (that’s soccer for “field”, yo) when his daughter, Saar, ran up wearing a jersey with his number on it, patted him on the back and (probably) gave him some words of encouragement.

Now that you know way too much about what’s about to happen, check out the video, which would have been just as good without the explanation.

A commenter on YouTube mentioned that the video is cut short – after Meijer lays on the ground for a moment, he gets up and hugs Saar. We looked and couldn’t find video of it, so we’re just going to call that guy a liar.

BTW, Ontzagwekkend means “awesome.”