There comes a time in every future Sith Lord’s life when the Queen wants to bang out a couple of kids before she dies. This is true for Anakin Skywalker who *spoiler alert* is bestowed the honor of “Lord Vader” by Darth Sidious. Darth Vader And Son captures the adorable reality of what life would have been like for Darth Vader as a single working father, in Episode III.V… before Episode IV: A New Hope.

You might look at the cover and say, “Oh, children’s book.” However, I’m lead to believe that it’s not 100% perfect for kids. After my initial read-through with my 20-month-old daughter, I thought I could attack this book from the angle of Kids vs. Adults.

For The Kids

This book would be great for children over the age of 5, especially if you’ve built a solid Star Wars foundation for your child. I wanted to see how my daughter would react to the book for the first time as I haphazardly attempted to get her interested.

Needless to say, any ambition to interest her in the book was thwarted by cuteness.

My experience with a toddler, who has recently come out of the “baby phase”, has provided me with insight into the functionality and processing of entertainment by younger kids. They like bright colors and pictures of everyday objects, people, animals and situations. It’s fun for my daughter to count to ten, it’s fun for her to point to a letter and say what it is, when she sees a baby she likes to point and says “B!” – this is what she enjoys and without any basis and understanding of Star Wars she might as well have said, “Dude, these colors are dull and the scenes are too complicated. Screw you guys, I’m going for a nap.”

For The Adults

This is THE perfect gift for Father’s Day. For a Star Wars geek like me, I would love to have received this reasonably priced book for Father’s Day that celebrates fatherhood and, above all, Star Wars.

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What I really liked about this book were the inside jokes having to do with the prequels and classic Star Wars ‘sodes. The very unorthodox scenes of Vader and Luke are quite adorable as well, such as: trick-or-treating on Halloween, playing baseball with a lightsaber and drawing “good guys” together in a room on the Death Star.

What really sets this book apart from an ordinary styled children’s book is the relate-able humor of what it means to be a father of a child who questions, defies, and develops (in)dependance.

The drawings are very unique in style to Jeffrey Brown’s comics and pretty spot-on unique interpretation of the Star Wars cast of characters.

I really hope Jeff makes Episode III.VI soon.