baby daddy stop

Julie Samrick, of BlogHer, gets it. In light of the passing of Andy Griffith, Samrick thinks about how fathers on television are unfairly being portrayed as inferior, boorish adolescents. We said it years ago, and we’ll say it again: dads aren’t being represented well. And unfortunately, the trend isn’t over.

Samrick tells us why this is important: “According to a recent report in The New York Times, one of the strongest reasons women aren’t getting married today is because they don’t think men are as reliable as they used to be. The messages these women get day in and day out make this a sad, but understandable, reality in their minds.”

With more men proudly staying home with their children, why would women think that men are actually less reliable? Well, because women don’t take a personal poll of every man, every day. They see men being fools on television, and even if only subconsciously, begin to believe that real men are like those fools on television.

You can read the rest of Samrick’s article in the link below. Tell her some good fathers sent you.