portland jedi dad rob kiebler

Air Force Col. Rob Kiebler was in Afghanistan for over 14 months, but couldn’t wait to get home and talk about another Force.

Kiebler’s son, Danny, “freaked out” when he was told that he wasn’t allowed to watch the Star Wars movies until he was six years old – so the Colonel and his wife let Danny watch them early. Now in love with Star Wars, Kiebler saw it fit to surprise his son dressed as a Jedi on his birthday.

Here’s the video:

You might be asking: how is this kid not losing his s**t? Boba Fett just walked into your birthday. Then, a Jedi walks in, and it’s your dad?! Where are the tears? Where’s the screaming?

Well, in the words of Yoda, “Adventure…excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.” That kid’s a stone-cold Jedi.

Great to see another dad coming home in grand fashion. Welcome home, Col. Kiebler.