Remember Sean Phillips? He made a baby beatboxing video that went viral a while back. Naturally, we saw it and noticed it was also featured on our BFF Jeanne Sager’s Cafe Mom article. We liked it, it was cute. However, some internet moms had to destroy the fact that a 7-month-old baby (at the time) could not actually beatbox.

*ascii facepalm*

Anyways, 1-year-old Jonah is back with some fresh beats! Clearly, he has stepped out of his comfort zone by venturing into the vast realm of baby breakbeat, upping the complexity of rhythm.

Check out the video after the hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop a rock it to the bang… just… click “To be continued” below if you’re not seeing the full story.

Sean has an artistic wedding cinematography company called A Moving Picture Studios. Based in Winnipeg, he produces cinema style wedding/event videos in addition to web and in store marketing clips. Clearly, he knows what he’s doing.

What’s really awesome is when you can share your passion with your child in a creative way. Sean is doing just that. We got a chance to ask him some questions about this followup video to Baby Beatboxing.

Q&A with Sean Phillips:

8BD: First off, what is that fork thing he was plucking to make the tones?

SP: It’s called an Mbira. It’s a South African instrument. I am from South Africa. Actually I used to make really simple ones like that when I was a kid.

8BD: What gear/camera/editing software do you use to create the videos?

SP: Canon 60D plus a mini shotgun microphone. Edited in Sony Vegas.

8BD: How old is Jonah now?

SP: He is 13 months old now but was exactly a year when I shot this.

8BD: Have you played these videos for him? What does he think?

SP: Jonah freezes pretty much anytime music plays. He loves it. When we play this video (and the first one) for him he gets a huge smile on his face and sometimes he starts dancing. Don’t know if he knows it’s him but he definitely likes it!

8BD: Do you plan on getting him into any particular musical instrument when he’s older? If so, which do you think he’ll enjoy the most?

SP: I have loads of instruments around the house. I play them for him and he will try to copy me (in his one year old kind of way). He likes the guitars the most right now. I have a Gibson Les Paul and a G&L bass. There is also a little kids sized guitar in his toybox that he likes to smash with the other toys. There are also a bunch of Eastern and African instruments lying around that he has fun with. My wife had a piano in storage which we will be bringing out soon. I am hoping he likes that most, but who knows? Maybe he will be an athlete and never touch a musical instrument when he’s older. I just want him to have fun and experience as much life as he can while he’s alive.

Thanks to Sean for taking the time to answer a few questions! I absolutely love that last line he wrote about wanting his son to experience as much life as he can while he’s alive. It’s so honest and real. That’s what life is all about.

Still waiting on that dubstep video…