Mike Massé, talented musician and Louis CK stunt double, is from Utah and has a flawless voice. He’s been recording some really solid performances at Salt Lake City’s Pie Pizzeria and uploading those videos to his YouTube channel. He’s been doing this for a couple of years now, where each video gets an average of 100-200k hits (my personal favorites, which give me chills, are the Radiohead covers). As a musician, I can respect the amount of talent it takes to perform a good song live and do it flawlessly.

His most recent solo performance is quite possibly the most important one he has done and will ever do.

Before the music even starts, the video begins with a heart-wrenching intro where Mike briefly explains his 1-year-old son’s condition. On July 5th, 2012, his 11-month-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Two weeks later he recorded this video.

It’s a powerful and simple introduction that emotionally resonates in your soul as you hear the audible pain of his speaking voice. His two-camera performance of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” is beautifully haunting. Check it out and download the song to donate.

I absolutely adore that Mike refers to his son as his “sweet baby”.

I don’t know why, it’s just rad.

A Cappella Records and Cover Cows were the ones that suggested he record a charity song for his son. They also offered to waive any of their proceeds from the money received. Cover Cows is a dedicated team of digital rights professionals, representing top notch artists, labels, and businesses around the globe, and Mike is one of their artists.

The proceeds from donations go towards getting Noah the best care possible, as well as helping keep Mike’s family afloat while they focus on little Noah’s treatment and comfort.

Visit letitbefornoah.com to download and donate.

This genuine, organic video posted back in July has since gone viral, sweeping various news outlets and blogs along the way, more recently hitting Redditover and over again.

I think it’s awesome that Mike and his family are getting the attention and help they deserve. Mike isn’t “celebrity status”, he’s just a talented dude that has been trying to make a living by doing what he loves. I mean, he’s been consistently performing in a restaurant where people are stuffing their faces with f*cking pizza, talking in the background, walking in front of his camera… I’m sorry, I’m sure they appreciate a talent like him. I really hope they do.

Mike wrote a reply to a question about how the cancer was discovered, “We took him to the ER because he was vomiting and couldn’t hold anything down, so we were concerned about dehydration. They suggested a CT scan, which we resisted at first. I’m glad they convinced us to do it.”

The devastating fact is there are lots of stories out there like this and not everyone has this magnitude of talent to capture attention. Lucky for Mike and his family, he was resourceful enough to utilize his talent and following online to come up with a respectful way to drive down the medical bills that have been piling up.

Right now there are hundreds of fathers in America just like Mike that can’t afford treatment for their child diagnosed with cancer. What are they to do?

It’s really great to find out there are humans who have the heart and means to financially support someone they’ve never met, the internet is fantastic to showcase the freedom and power of compassionate social welfare. But it also says something about the way our country does business, especially for helpless infants diagnosed with cancer.

One of the most significant comments on the video was by Hellenomania on Reddit.

A poignant response to American health care on Reddit via Mike Massé’s video.

This opens up a whole other discussion I’d rather not get into for fear of depressing you and myself even further, so I’ll just leave it like this: if you or a family member ever need legitimate financial help, share your story with the internet. Make a video, write a blog, and make it real.

We’re listening.