Ben Roberts Olympics Prank

Ben Roberts wanted to surprise his dad with a ticket to the Olympics. More accurately, Roberts wanted to trick his father into thinking that they’d only be looking at the outside of Olympic Park from a nearby viewing platform – which made giving him tickets that much more sweet.

Coincidentally, we reached out to Ben Roberts for permission to post his video and to ask a follow-up question about how everything turned out…and he didn’t answer. So, we sat on this story until the Olympics were over.

Video’s after the jump.

Check out Roberts’ long process, stringing his dad along here – Ben disallowed Vimeo embedding too…so, you’ve got to click through to see it.

Anyway, what a great father-son moment. For all that dads do for us, it’s great to be able to give back when possible – and even better if you can pull a fast one on your old man in the process.

And for us Americans, you get a great British slang word at the end: “you git!” A git is (if my Queens-English-to-English Dictionary is correct) basically like calling someone a “bastard” – bad when you use it on bad people, good when you use it on good people.

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