Dads Sing Little Mermaid

What do doctors, lawyers, police men, barbers and The Little Mermaid have in common? Well, until Tommy Riles and company got in the mix, not much.

Riles owns Life Of Dad (dot com, y’all) and among other things on the social networking site for dads, he makes humorous videos. That’s where we’re going with all this.

Most recently, the Life of Dad crew got dad-friends and dad-family from across the country to sing “Part of Your World,” from The Little Mermaid. Video after the jump, with a couple of words from Riles himself.

“No matter who you are…becoming a dad changes everything.” That’s something we hear often. It’s something biological, it’s something psychological, and it’s something incredible. And that same statement is the opening line of the Life of Dad “Part of Your World” video, where you see dads from all sorts of professions singing along to the Little Mermaid classic:

“Everybody is really in the career shown,” Tommy Riles told 8BitDad. “Real cops, firefighters, marines, doctors, etc…except for me, as the fake farmer, which we recorded at a pumpkin patch.”

Seeing a bunch of macho dads belting out a Disney song will make you smile. Riles says that dads don’t necessarily have to let go of being macho when they become fathers – and that it’s “cool” to be a macho dad that loves his babies. “Dads can still drink beer, and sing Disney songs. They may actually sing Disney better if they’re drinking beer,” says Riles.

Riles says that no other Disney-Dad-sing-alongs are in the works, but the Life of Dad crew loves how the video turned out and want to do more.

Meanwhile, watch for Tommy Riles soon on a new episode of the 8BitDad podcast!