Thailand Fathers Day

We don’t know much about Thailand, but what we do know is that the date of Father’s Day is always determined by the Thai King’s birthday. The current King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, celebrates his birthday on December 5, so…you get the idea. Happy Father’s Day, Thailand (it’s tomorrow there today, FYI).

As an incredible bonus, dads can ride the subway for free on Father’s Day, provided that they’re riding to and from the same place with their son or daughter. And as an even more incredible bonus, kids under 90 centimeters (that’s 35.4331 inches to us in the States, y’all) ride free. The move to give dads a free ride on Father’s Day is “to foster family relationships,” according to Bangkok Metro Company Limited corporate relations director Chartchai Praditpong.

Big thanks to the BMCL for the Father’s Day values.