bad dudes

Thanks to Chris “Canadian Dad” Read for pointing us to our dad of the week: a Chinese fella named Mr. Feng.

Mr. Feng’s son Xiao was a gamer with a bit of an addiction. Xiao’s grades in school suffered, and he couldn’t hold down a job.

Well, crap like that doesn’t work for Mr. Feng. So Mr. Feng fought fire with fire: he hired online hitmen to hunt down Xiao and kill him every time he entered the game. He figured that if Xiao was spawn-killed every time he was in the game, he’d grow tired of the game and rejoin reality.

Here’s where the story gets tender: Xiao told his father that no, he wasn’t unemployable because of the gaming – he was just waiting for the right job to come along. Awww.

Check out the other details out on Kotaku, linked below.