SAHD Timelapse

Emio Tomoeni wanted to show his wife what he was up to with his son while she was away at work.

This timelapse will make you want to steal a kid and play for a couple of hours. I mean, or if you got one of your own legally, that’s cool too.

Here’s the video, and – big sigh – yes, we know you already saw it on the Today Show:

Note that the television wasn’t on once. There’s a modern father’s test we should all be taking. And speaking of the television, the funniest comment from YouTube: “You have to look right to watch t.v.? Must be awkward”.

It should be mentioned that people are falling all over this video saying Tomoeni is the “father of the year” (which, how could he be when this guy is, and besides it’s like the first week of January people). We know – this is only a couple of hours in one day. We can’t go declaring someone the best dad ever when he’s merely played with his kid for a couple of hours. Sure, it’s cute – and sure, Tomoeni certainly looks like he’s a good dad for playing with his kid and not simply flipping the television on.

So we won’t say that this is dad-of-the-year territory. But it’s certainly adorbz, and sure makes us want to call in sick and play with a baby.