Ben Affleck

One of our online BFFs Jeanne Sager at CafeMom’s The Stir has a total ladyboner for Ben Affleck right now, and why not? Not only is he mostly dreamy, but he also donned one of the cutest accessories at the recent Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: his own hands.

Ben Affleck HandsAnd while we might be looking at Ben Affleck’s hands for a different reason than the average mom blogger, we’re with Sager on this one. “Turns out Ben let one of this young daughters — Violet or Serphina — take a marker and write all over his hands,” Sager reported. ”

It was for good luck, says Affleck, who won Best Director for Argo. Affleck, who was just denied an Oscar nomination for Argo that same day, probably felt that his luck couldn’t get any worse around these industry types, so by the time one of his daughters asked to use him as a human canvas, Ben figured, “what the hell” (not direct quote).

All jokes aside, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see a high-profile father let his children graffiti him up before a black tie event. Most parents would be kicking their kids off of them and begging for them to not stain their clothes – but Affleck marched right out in front of the crowd with his good luck charm and let the world see it.

This is a dad whose happy about being a dad.

This is the dad that, as Jeanne Sager says, “little girls need.” One that not only spends time with his daughters, but also lets them feel special. How great must his daughter have felt when she saw her artwork on television? And Affleck, who might have undergone nearly five minutes of embarrassment or uncertainty for having coloring books for hands, is now reaping the benefits from the parenting sites: we all think he’s an awesome dad because he puts his kids before his own image in the industry.

I mean, we think. We hope. Don’t screw this up for us, Affleck. We don’t want to have to rewrite this article later.