Joey Chestnut Unrelated

Word on the street is that a dad in Zimbabwe got his dong bitten off by his son during an argument. The story goes a little something like this:

In mid-December of 2012, in Glenview, Zimbabwe, a 26 year old Admire Gomo came home late and stripped nude for a good night’s sleep. His mother started arguing with him about his habit of coming home late, which Admire was having none of.

The two fought, and hearing this, Admire’s father Fred was all like “not in my house.” But then things took a nude turn for the worst.

Admire, according to police, then beat his mother until she ran for cover, then, somehow, grabbed and bit his father’s penis. Off. Then, evidently, the parents restrained Admire enough to lock him in his room and call the police.

Or something.

There’s no Pro Tip that 8BitDad can offer in this situation.

For the rest of the story, click on over (below) to the Osun Defender, the self-proclaimed “6th most visited newspaper website in Nigeria.”