Tide Laundry Dad

New correlational research suggests that dads who think a woman’s place is in the home might be influencing their daughters to stay home as well.

LiveScience reports today that dads who share household chores and have equal-rightsy feelings about women in the workplace create daughters who tend to have more workplace ambition.

Toni Schmader and a team of researchers gave questionnaires to 196 elementary-school-aged boys and 167 elementary-school-aged girls, as well as at least one of each’s parents. The questionnaires asked “about gender stereotypes, gendered behavior and, for parents, division of household labor.”

The researchers found that while attitudes about gender roles in the home were influenced by mothers, fathers actually set those attitudes into motion; “The fewer gender stereotypes dad holds, the more likely his daughter is to say she wants to work outside the home as an adult,” says LiveScience’s Stephanie Pappas.

Schmader and team also found that the more than dads shared household chores with moms, the less that their daughters were stereotypically girly; daughters of “egalitarian” dads tended to wear less pink and have fewer gender-stereotypical interests (such as playing house and playing with girl toys).

Boys were less affected in practice by their dad’s attitudes toward gender roles.

Coincidentally, this week, researchers found that cats mirror their owner’s habits, so there’s that.

You can read more on the topic at LiveScience (about the kids, not about the cats), linked below.

And thanks to Jason Sperber for bringing this article to our attention!