Along the same line of scumbag dad who shot up his daughter’s laptop to “discipline” her, we have a new story of a dad who used a recently purchased AK-47 to settle an argument between he and his daughter about her academic performance.

The high points of the daughter’s complaint, taken by a social worker at her school the day after the argument, are that the dad had recently purchased the AK-47 in the midst of recent gun controversy in the USA and widespread fear of assault weapons gun bans, and that he used that gun to threaten his daughter and her mother, who he also reportedly threw to the ground.

This scumbag of a parent is exactly the kind of person for which we have both gun control laws and child abuse laws. Of course there is more to be said about a culture that allows, and does not abhor, the use of gun in solving problems, but for now I have to suffice for pointing my sternest ridicule in this loser’s direction.