kaiden mccormick

A two-month old baby was killed by what many people would think is the most unlikely of causes – his father’s kiss. The story from last year is just hitting the news now, and can’t be more heartbreaking.

The father, 28 year old Carl Maclaren, was described by his wife Marrie-Claire as “the perfect father.” But that doesn’t help his heavy heart after a cold sore in his mouth carrying the herpes simplex virus led to his five-week premature son, Kaiden, being hospitalized and dying last May.

One night, Kaiden wouldn’t take his bottle, and then suddenly turned blue. At a hospital in Liverpool, doctors gave Kaiden a slim chance to live, and put him on life support. He’d be there for six weeks until doctors asked Carl and Marrie-Claire to authorize shutting off the life support machine. The official cause of death was multiple organ failure as a result of the herpes simplex virus.

Carl and Marrie-Claire are now expecting another baby, and have written to the health secretary, and started a petition to require leaflets be given to new parents by the hospital explaining the danger of the herpes virus.

If you’re in the United Kingdom and would like to sign the petition, please do so here.

For fathers, there can be nothing more heartbreaking than imagining your kiss being the cause of your child’s death. It is imperative that all new parents are current on their blood tests so that tragedies like this don’t continue to happen.

(photo taken from Kaiden McKormick memorial site.)