Freeloader tauntaun

If you’re an active dad and looking to go hiking with your child, you know it’s a big possibility that they’ll run out of steam before you. That’s why Texas dads Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones invented the Freeloader. Finally, you can be your kid’s personal tauntaun!

Jansen and Jones were recently on ABC Austin affiliate KVUE talking about it, or if you want to know the overview of the story, check out their indiegogo video, which helped them raise just over their goal of $30,000.

It looks like a cool carrier – basically a backpack-style with a seat on it. Evidently, the weight is all distributed evenly as to not put stress on the parent’s back. And as you can see in the video, it’s strong enough to hold a grown man. Maybe not me.

This carrier immediately reminded me of The Piggyback Rider, another baby carrier by Wayne Lifshitz, though the carriers differ – The Freeloader only allows for sitting; the Piggyback Rider secures children in a standing position.

Good to see more options for active dads!