Child-humor cartographers and heads behind How To Be A Dad, Andy Herald and Charlie Capen, made co-sleeping official with their book The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips for Co-Sleeping Parents. In it, we get 30 diagrams of possible nighttime positions you’ll find your baby in.

If you’re not already familiar with How To Be a Dad, just head on over there and check it out. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

guide to baby sleep positions

The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions is a humorous look at what co-sleeping parents go through night-after-night, based on the success of the past Baby Sleep Positions posts on How To Be A Dad. Have you ever awoken and caught your baby making snow angels in your bed? Awoken to see him sitting next to you, watching you sleep? The terrifying and chaotic moments of co-sleeping are commemorated in this book in diagrammed-graphics, accompanied by humorous summaries, side effects and tips for coping:

guide to baby sleep positions

Live by the guide or die by the guide.

Bottom line: this is a funny little book and great as an affordable gift for new or expecting parents. It’s a book that anyone that anyone with kids will get a chuckle from, but most relevant with the younger, new parent crowd.