Why is this dad awesome? Click play below to hear from his daughter or read the transcript below.

Text from audio:

This photo is the root of a much bigger project I’m currently working on, but I needed somewhere to start and if I tackle it in smaller bits, it will be easier to put together what I’ve got so far and not overwhelm my heart so much.

This is my dad. With him is my eldest sister, Sonny. She’s fought her way through 25 years on this earth and found herself with the great fortune of a loving family. My dad works a full time job he hates, and everyday he comes home and gets to work his other fulltime, thankless job—he gets to be the caretaker for my sister.

She’s got the cognitive ability of a two or three year old, with limited speech and mobility and function. Like a baby, trapped within the temperament of a toddler and in the body of a young woman. They eat dinner in this big chair in front of the T.V. and fall asleep together every night.

I made the hard decision to move home from across the country and have stumbled across these quiet moments of my father.

He’s the kind of man that had a family young. He works whatever jobs he must, he’s been sober for 23 years, and a single dad for 13. He’s one of those remarkable people who’s suffered more than they deserve yet continues to love unconditionally.

I’m one of his daughters, and there are fewer things in this world I’m prouder to be.

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