You put a train set in your kid’s room? That’s cute.

Laurent Aigon, French dude and handy guy totally out-classes all the DIY dads out there by finishing a 5 year build on a Boeing 737 cockpit – in his kid’s bedroom.

Though the original story on French site Sud Ouest is dated “28/09/2012” – that’s 9/28/2012 to us Americans – this story just landed on the likes of Gizmodo and then The Huffington Post. And 8BitDad. See how that works?

Here’s a little video of the cockpit in action:

A full panel of knobs, buttons and stuff. And 7 networked monitors. Crazy wafers.

Aigon isn’t even in the airplane/aerospace industry. He’s a waiter, and at 40 years old, scoured the internet for Boeing 737 parts. Over 5 years and thousands of euros, he created this authentic cockpit that can fly with actual geography and weather.

Aigon was even recently invited to lecture at the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac about his flight simulator.