David Niles

Oh, you took a photo of your kid last weekend? I’m real happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but there are some dads out there shooting photos of their kids and blending them into other-worldly stuff who make us all look like chumps.

Suddenly the blurry pic of your kid on his trike seems meh.

Most recently, photography blog PetaPixel ran a story about photographer David Niles, who has Photoshopped his son into extraordinary situations, such as getting chased by dinosaurs or witnessing a UFO invasion.

One of Niles’ creations is above with my probably-license-violating graffiti on it.

Photographer Nagano Toyokazu was highlighted on Laughing Squid back in August for his “My Daughter Kanna” series. Toyokazu eschewed the Photoshop angle for props:

my daughter kanna

Click the image to see more from Nagano Toyokazu

You check out Toyokazu’s other photos on his Flickr account. And beware, they’re adorbz.

In May, Phlearn interviewed Emil Nyström, who had been working in mixed media design until recently, when he took on photography full-time. His daughter has become the subject of some of his photos:

Emil Nyström Slice

Click here to see more pics of Nyström’s daughter on his site.

Nyström has another baby on the way, so you can only imagine that the sibling pictures are about to get crazy.

In April of 2012, The Good Men Project interviewed Jason Lee, a dad whose ‘shopped photos of his daughters, Kristin and Kayla see the sisters in themed scenes for over five years now. You can check out Lee’s photos on his website.

Best I got for you? Old pics of my son breathing fire, with a chest tattoo, with a mustache and with a platinum grill:

Zach Rosenberg Baby Shops

This is surprisingly the only stuff I’ve done to my son so far.

At 8BitDad, we love a good shop. And we love dads who have fun with their kids. Mix the two together and you’re speakin’ our language.

Seen any other good photographer dads ‘shopping their kids into extraordinary situations? Link us up in the comments!