Dad Flavors

If there’s a group of dads that’s really been “the new face of fathers” it’s been the NYC Dads Group. They’re a very visible group that ends up in the media a lot and are becoming to the go-to for the image of modern fatherhood.

That’s why it’s awesome to announce that Los Angeles and Chicago now both have official groups following in NYC’s footsteps.

The NYC Dads Group started in 2008 by Lance Somerfeld and Matt (“soft touch“) Schneider, and is now comprised of over 700 fathers who socialize and support each other through the group and activities. They do everything from simple stroller walks to parks, zoos and museums, and even educational parent-and-me classes.

The LA Dads Group and the Chicago Dads Group are now in full-swing. Hopefully with these two new cities on the dad-map, more media will take notice.

Also! If you’re in one of these two areas, there are already events posted in their groups, including big sponsored events this week:

Chicago Dads Group is meeting September 10 (tonight)!

LA Dads Group is meeting September 12!

Both events will be featuring a GameTruck with video games and a TOMY Battroborg game for some featured dad bloggers to “settle the score”. You know, because we dad bloggers keep score. In Chicago, The “Bobblehead Dad” Jim Higley will be facing Al Watts of the National At-Home Dads Network. In Los Angeles, Whit, “Honea Express” Honea will be facing me, and Trevor “OneSAHD” Mulligan will be facing off against group co-organizer, Johnny Chung.

These events are “Dads Night Out” events – that is, no kids. There are also events in both groups that are family-friendly happening this week.

Good luck to the two groups and hopefully they will have the kind of social-dad interaction that has made the NYC Dads Group a success!