MLB Hat Return

Very father-aware brand Dove Men+Care recently teamed up with Major League Baseball to produce a video series called “Big League Dads”, where players talk about their most important position – fatherhood.

The best part about this series is that it really cements the idea that the MLB is an organization embracing fatherhood, and not in the cheap “baseball is a father-son sport” way. This is real, emotional fatherhood.

The “Big League Dads” series is planned to run 10-weeks with new videos every week. The first video featured father of 2, Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay Devil Rays), father of 4, Torii Hunter (Detroit Tigers), and father of 1, Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox):

The second video, released yesterday, featured father of 1, Matt Wieters (Baltimore Orioles):

These are great videos because as I mentioned above, the MLB has really proved itself as an organization that embraces fatherhood. From the MLB being the first sport in the United States to offer an official paternity leave policy, to committing to a video series like this, the writing is on the wall (or somewhere near the dugout): baseball and fathers are happy together.

Thanks to Dove Men+Care for continuing their commitment to fathers and inspiring them to be better men thought projects like this. You can catch “Big League Dads” on the MLB website.