Mega Man Pillow

Let’s face it: retro is cool, and stuff from our 80’s childhood is sneaking into our kids’ lives. But if you want to hear something retro-awesome and ready for your little non-robot creation, check out the Mega Man 2 Lullabies.

Mega Man 2 was a favorite game among our generation. Recently, one of the Capcom employees posted a link to a set of Mega Man-themed lullabies on his blog that are sure to delight you as your child naps. Created by a dude named Mark Polydoris for his nephew, you can listen to all of the soothing piano-only songs directly on the project site:

Oh sure, hearing Blue Bomber music this slow and sleepy might take away your competitive edge if you were trying for a Mega Man 2 speedrun.

One of the best ways to celebrate our youths while sharing it with our children is music. And it’s easy to start early. Womb-early if you’d like. Just get a set of earbuds and push ’em in as far as you can.

KIDDING! Headphones over the belly works just fine.


(photo is from here)