At first, you might be turned off by the sheer swaggitude of the two young dads in Eitan Loewenstein’s “BroDads” video. But that’s just because you hate the player and not the game, and you know it true, boo.

The two hyperbolic bros with babies talk about why snaps (“awwww snaps!”) are better than buttons, baby CrossFit (“high intensity tummy time”), and mash the club and crib worlds together with an LMFAO-inspired “shots” chant about immunization.

Check it, son:

Loewenstein, whose son is the boy in the video, told 8BitDad that his inspiration came from two places. First, Loewenstein had a new baby, so while his short films typically had different themes, he was “thinking about parenting and how it changes people.” Also, he was inspired by all of the not-likely-ready-for-fatherhood dudes he saw at school. “I thought back to my time at UCSB and all the surfer dudes and ‘bros’ who populated the non-engineering part of the school,” said Loewenstein. “I thought, what if these guys had a baby? What if they didn’t become normal dads?”

Presumably, this. “BroDads” feels like the new generation equivalent of the gone-too-soon “Lords of the Playground“.

Loewenstein told 8BitDad he’d love to do more fatherhood-themed videos. We ain’t hatin’ dogg, do your damn thing!

In the meantime, try not chanting “shots” now when your kid needs their flu shot. Thanks, Eitan.