So today, the internet’s ablaze from one dad’s video of his son’s “football trainin'” – making the young boy run next to his truck as he curses at him.

Among dads, the sentiment seems to be that this guy’s despicable and makes good dads look better. But looking at comments on Reddit and WorldStarHipHop, commenters range from horror to hilarity. “Come on people,” said one Reddit user. “This isn’t bad parenting, it’s a guy messing around with his kid, having him run for what… a tenth of a mile at the most? If you think that’s bad parenting you must have had a pretty sheltered childhood.”

Agree or disagree? Watch the video and decide:

So, that happened.

I think we can all agree that what you don’t do is make your kid train for anything in Crocs, unless it’s for competitive gardening. But seriously, the language is definitely not appropriate. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but the kid might have wanted to run next to the truck just for funsies. Kids are crazy like that. I don’t like the language in the video – a father shouldn’t be dropping words like that on a kid that small, and I could do without seeing the dad bearing down on the kid from behind, honking at him.

So is this guy the worst dad or just a father that needs to watch his tongue around his kid?

Reminder: in February 2012, we put up a video of a dad in China making his son run in the snow to overcome hardships. That’s the Chinese version of football.

Coincidentally, WorldStarHipHop also has a video up today of a dad having his son cuffed and escorted out of the house by police as a warning for him to straighten up and fly right. I personally need to see some videos of supportive and loving dads right about now-ish.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments…