Anthony Herrera Vacation

Anthony Herrera has a special place in our heart. The father of two took his graphic design job and his love for Star Wars and mashed them together in 2011, when we wrote about him tricking his daughter into thinking Ewoks were real.

Herrera recently contacted us to let us know that he’s still up to his old tricks, adding Star Wars stuff to his vacation photos.

“When I showed my kids, they are first were confused, then just laughed,” Herrera told me when I asked what his kids reactions were to the photos. “My daughters first response was, ‘Wow Dad, you really like Star Wars.’ They got a kick out of them, especially the family photo with the Frog-dog.”

Eventually Herrera plans to make a family photo book of his semi-galactic vacation photos for his coffee table.

Anthony Herrera Vacation

If you ever turn a corner and see this, you’re in trouble.

“I have more projects related to family and Star Wars on the horizon,” Herrera told us. “It’s just a lot of fun to work on them.”

Check out Herrera’s site (linked below) for more pics, and make sure to also see the Star Wars Disney Princesses cake he commissioned for his daughter’s birthday!