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Fatherhood is all seat-of-your-pants decisions. Whenever I think I’m a couple of steps ahead of my son, he proves to me that I’m not. As a dude that reads tons of dad blogs and other parenting articles, I typically think I’ve got a one-up on my son. And then my son will say or do something that takes me to a knee and makes me rethink everything I know about him.

Okay, so let’s flashback. Before Mother’s Day, Cardstore and ad agency Mullen made a video that I wasn’t the biggest fan of. I won’t go into it here because dude, I already did. So, if you’d like, you can read it HERE.

The great news is that Cardstore listened to criticisms and was excited to share their Father’s Day video with a bunch of bloggers – and I like it a lot more than the previous offering.

world's toughest job

The one thing I’ll say is that treating motherhood (or fatherhood) like a job is really meh to me. It’s a tough job to install Spanish roof tiles on a house in mid July. It’s a tough job to fly to another country with no infrastructure and build houses for the residents. My own father’s even got a tough job – as the resident rabbi at a hospital and assisted living facility, he gets to know a ton of incredible faces and souls to whom he then has to say goodbye when they inevitably pass.

Fatherhood – it’s not a job. Not for me. It’s an incredible journey – and one for which I don’t have a script. That’s why Cardstore‘s Father’s Day commercial works:

The first time I watched it, I was crawling out of my skin at all of the dumb dads – and then the end happened. The off-screen producer tells the actors to “do it the way your dad would have said it to you.” And all of the sudden, I’m crying. What?!

Alright, well, I’m a cryer, so that’s no surprise. But really – that ending is what it’s all about. Fathering by a script makes as much sense as those actors at the beginning. But when we give up the script and just feel our way through it, magic happens. That’s what being a dad is all about.

So look…you hate going to the store for a Father’s Day card, and so do I. It blows, honestly. We’ve made so many incredible advances in this world, but I somehow still hadn’t found a way to omit standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the world at whatever drug store, looking for a card. Usually, I’m so pissed that I waited so long that I just go get a Spanish card or I get a card for some random holiday in another uncluttered aisle.

But as part of this whole sponsored post thing, I was asked – begged even – to make my dad a card on Cardstore‘s site. So I did. And it went a little something like this:


I chose a single-photo design, but there’s a ton to choose from.


I customized the inside with another photo (a screengrab from an old movie my dad was in), and personalized the inside message.


I added my dad to my address book (so I can do this again next year).


Remember to review your card and address!

And because Cardstore wanted us dads to share their service with you, I’ve got a coupon code you can use to send a card to your dad for $2.49 (that’s like, the same price as cards at the store, yo). The code is: CCG4527

But you’ve got to do it now, like NOW, because the last day you can reasonably get a card to your dad for Father’s Day is Monday, 6/9.

So – did you like Cardstore’s Father’s Day commercial? More than the Mother’s Day commercial? Let me know in the comments.

Also, there’s…this:

Disclosure: I partnered with Cardstore from American Greetings and Life of Dad, LLC for the #WorldsToughestJob Dad Casting Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement. All of the words and opinions are mine, however.