Luke Hughett is such a devout lumbersexual hipster that he actually got to a point where he had to decide between his beard and his baby. And thank your lucky mandolins he chose his baby.

But the New York dad (who liked it a lot better when it was New Amsterdam) wasn’t going to let his beard get shaved off, just to die in a trashcan. Oh no. What are you…crazy? Some crazy, city-dwelling future boy? Yeah, you are, aren’t you?!

Hughett did what any Civil War-lookin’, fixie-pedalin’ good dad would do: he went to Mitch Meisner, proprieter of the unofficial jewel of Farmingdale, NY, Meisner Acrylic Casting.

Because it’s not like beards just grow on trees. You can’t just throw a beard away, hoping that another one will appear right under your nose while you sleep.

(The video’s satire though right?)