Bus Dad Kiss

A father in China whose “intimate behavior” with his daughter on a bus has been absolved of all wrongdoing in a statement by the police. The father’s actions were recorded by another person on the Zhuhai City bus and posted online with the title “Is this the girl’s father?”

When you see the behavior in question, you might be shocked and disgusted. But probably just because you can’t believe a dad showing affection to his daughter is being called into question like this.

The video went viral online in China, and eventually, the man in the video learned about the video from his friends, who had seen it online. The man headed to the police station with his wife and daughter and explained the situation. This prompted the police to issue a statement – where or to whom, I don’t know – saying that the man is indeed, the father.

Are you absolutely swallowing your own tongue here yet from the insanity? Good! Now watch the video:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ <—– this is me flipping a table from the outrage over this non-issue. It’s literally more of an issue that this person shot the video vertically than it’s an issue for this dad to be kissing his daughter.

According to Sina News, reactions to the dad across China’s Weibo microblogging platform have ranged from acceptance to disgust. “There’s absolutely something going on there,” one commenter wrote. “Look at his legs. Even if he’s her father, it’s still abnormal. Cases about father rapes his own daughter are far from rare.”

Others defended him. “I think some of you people are sick! It is human nature, this is how parents express how they feel,” another user commented.

“Just a force alarm…Perhaps it was cultural difference,” said another commenter. “I know that Japanese fathers ask their daughters to take a sponge bath for them while showering, and China is so big, people have their own way to breed their child. After all, kissing one’s own child doesn’t matter that much”


“I really wonder what the westerners would think about the father. I heard that people in western countries often express their emotions with kisses, if they think the father’s doing fine, perhaps it is us who overreacted; but if not, then the father needs to go to a psychiatrist.”

Well, what do you westerners think? Is the father doing something wrong?