First Act Slayer

Most dads love playing with their kids’ toys – especially their musical instruments. Whether dad’s making music with his kids, on his kids, or just with their toys, there are a ton of totally adorbz and LOL-worthy videos out there to enjoy.

Most recently, custom guitar maker Frank Pasquale posted a video of he and a friend doing some Slayer on First Act instruments:

And the world of pink instruments will never be the same.

Also on a pink instrument – we posted this cute video of Benjamin Ames and his daughter singing “Tonight You Belong to Me” back in 2013 and it’s still cool:

Here’s a dad who is channeling his drumming through his son, Wyatt:

Coincidentally, “Wyatt the Baby Drummer” was invited on Jimmy Kimmel to share his magical skills with the world.

Sometimes the instruments aren’t the best:

But sometimes the song you’re covering isn’t the best either.

And because sometimes kids can be instruments too, here’s the drummer from the band Atticus Avenue playing his son like a drum machine:

And you’ll love how Comedian/Beatboxer/Vine user Vincent Marcus dropped the beat on his kid:

Also, because we like you, dear readers, we’ve got one more bonus video for you. It’s from DMK – which is a dude named Dicken Schrader and his kids – covering Depeche Mode songs on a whole bunch of wacky instruments and toys. We talked to them YEARS AGO because we’re so digi-hipster. Here’s DMK’s “Everything Counts”:

What’s your favorite dad-kid-instrument video out there? Link to it in the comments!