Welcome to the Internet

Did you decide to get a computer for your at-home personal use? Maybe you want to check the stocks at home, get some news headlines, and maybe – but probably not – have a little fun with your family on the internet?

But whoa! Don’t just dive right in and try it yourself. The Internet is a crazy place full of bits and bytes, and you need to know how to call them up, or you’ll be lost. We’ve pulled together some helpful videos for you to watch with your family to get you ready for your own home computer.

First, if you plan on teaching your kids about the Internet, it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with it too, so check out this episode of The Computer Chronicles from 1993 and be sure to take notes:

The most exciting part of this video is that NASA’s packet video can (and will) revolutionize how we do video conferencing. Also, we’ve learned that Internet will allow us to buy Mariah Carey CDs. This will be incredible when it’s time to do Christmas shopping!

But a lot of that video is about command-line stuff that, frankly, is going to be obsolete soon. Computer Chronicles has another great video (from 1990) about an “Operating System” by Microsoft called “Windows” that you might want to look into:

There’s some great stuff here, and you’ll be up and running Windows in no time. Maybe you’ll even create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation!

Okay, go get your family – it’s time to learn how to Internet:


Before you get too excited: it’s important to know that some folks on the Internet are gaining unauthorized access to computers. From there, they can steal your passwords and other sensitive informations. You heard a little bit about hackers in the family videos above, but check out this episode of Net Cafe from 1996 for more info:


WOW. Please keep your information safe, people.

And finally, since we just tripped balls all over the 90s internet, check out this excellent Internet-themed Melodysheep remix:

“Goodbye.” – AOL guy