Baby on Treadmill

In news of the weird: A video on the Chinese social share site shows a 17 month old baby hoofing it out on a treadmill. The baby is being ushered along by – we’re guessing – dad. Multiple women can also be heard laughing in the background.

You can see a screenshot above. The video is shot vertically, so I filled the empty sides with pickles.

Sources online have translated the video and say that the dad is saying “hurry up” and that at one point, one of the women asks the man “don’t make it too fast,” still laughing. Dad (?) scoops the baby up at the end of the video, as s/he’s struggling to keep up with the speed of the treadmill.

Here’s the video:

Funny and adorable, or bad and dangerous?

So I’m all into fun and games, but this is not cool. Babies are crappy at walking to begin with, and that’s just on flat, non-moving ground. I was curious myself if babies should use treadmills, so I googled it. No mention of babies, but according to Livestrong, “Kids should not use treadmills.” So that’s that. Open and shut case.

Fo’ real doe: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission compiles numbers on exercise equipment injuries and estimates that 8,700 children younger than 5 are injured using exercise equipment every year. Former heavyweight boxing champ (and a dude who hadn’t played his own game until 2013?) Mike Tyson lost his daughter to an exercise equipment death when in 2009, she accidentally hung herself with a treadmill cord at the age of 4.

What do you think? Is treadmill baby adorable or bad parenting?