The new normal is that brands are showing fathers as competent, caring, emotional and intelligent. They’re part of the family unit, no longer relegated to the hungry animal blasting in the door from work, ready to eat, have a beer and tune out. The image of fathers in commercials has matured (we won!), and because of it, commercial dads are cooking, cleaning and raising kids. It’s great.

One of the brands that’s consistently put out great dadvertising — Zillow — is back again. The real estate website has a spot on TV right now called “Gunnar’s Home”, and it tackles a non-traditional household with grace and respect.


The commercial, which started airing mid-February, starts with the line “It’s not your standard family situation…just me and my four daughters.” It’s a simple commercial: a dad spending time making breakfast with his daughters. He’s wearing butterfly wings and his nails are painted. He even mentions in the commercial that with four daughters, he’s got to expect that his nails will be painted. What’s great is that this 30 second space wasn’t spent showing a dad dragging his daughters through little league because he wishes he had sons. He’s just a dad who loves his daughters:

The spot was done by agency Deutsch, Inc, who was also responsible for Target’s Cartwheel app “What If” spot that featured a nervous guy just finding out that he’s going to be a father. Deutsch, Inc also made waves during Super Bowl XLV (2011) with “The Force” – the commercial where a little kid in a Darth Vader costume attempts to use the force on everything from the family dog to the Volkswagen Passat (dad makes the kid’s dream come true).

“Gunnar’s Home” joins Zillow’s other positive dad-image commercials like 2014’s “Returning Soldier” (grab a tissue), 2015’s “Family Search“, 2016’s “Hiram’s Home“, and the online-only commercial “Jay’s Home“.

Thank you to Deutsch, Inc and Zillow for continuing to show fathers in positive and realistic roles.