As we wait in line to see the Easter Bunny, the reactions to my son are varied: some parents (especially those with new babies) just don’t get it. Parents of older kids chuckle and smile, point while they think we’re not looking, and when I do make eye contact, they smile and give me the knowing-dad-nod. Sometimes they walk by my son and say “cool!” Kids in line tug at their moms’ dresses and wonder why they’re in their Sunday’s best and my son is dressed like Wolverine. 

As another little boy walks by and stares, my six year old says in a gravely voice, “happy Easter, bub.

Winning Easter

I can’t imagine bringing my son to see the Easter Bunny in anything other than his Halloween costumes. And I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but I think you should start bringing your kids to see the Easter Bunny in costume as well.

As if you really need a reason to dress your kid up like Wolverine to see another costumed human. But nevertheless, I have reasons, because I’m a reasonable person. 

The only real reason you need to dress up your kid in a superhero costume to see the Easter Bunny is that it’s economical: dressing my son in his Halloween costume actually makes the $19 Easter Bunny photo worth the money, and we get another day of use out of the $50 Halloween costume. 

Winning Easter 2013

But the best part? When my son and I look back on these photos, we see something fun that we’ve done together. My son doesn’t know this now, but he’s going to be simultaneously proud and mortified by these photos when he’s 16, and I simply cannot wait for that

Winning Easter 2015

This all started because I’m a fairly grumpy person when it comes to traditiony stuff, so having my son “meet” “the Easter Bunny” was nonexistent on my holiday to-do list. I convinced my wife to hold off on bringing our son to the Easter Bunny until he was able to hold himself up, sit by himself and say “hello”. But it still felt like a who cares picture to me those first years; I’ve got pictures of my son standing with Darth Vader at the comic shop, but I don’t particularly care if I’ve got a photo of my son with a human person dressed as the Easter Bunny. Frankly, I’d rather see my son standing with a guy dressed as a freshly-risen Jesus. Just seems more superheroishy. Or a guy dressed as Jesus, dressed as Heath Ledger’s Joker, as if Jesus was going to Comic-Con. 

Winning Easter 2016

BONUS: because there’s still money to throw in the holiday toilet, we do Santa photos like this too. Santa’s actually more fun since he’s in less of a costume and talks to my son. The Easter Bunny just nods and puts his hands up in the “what the hell am I doing with my life” pose. 

I don’t know what they’re doing with their lives, but I’m just trying to make mine and my son’s awesome. So far, it’s been working. 

(Not pictured: 2014, when he went dressed as The Riddler. I have no idea where that photo went, but I hope it re-emerges someday.)