The problem with being so kick-ass is that business as usual gets forgotten. Case in point: my son dressed as Captain America to see Santa and it was incredible. But in all the hubbub, Santa never asked what he wanted for Christmas.

There was a moment of near-tears. But I reminded my son that he can write Santa a letter and we’ll mail it off.

I know I wrote about this back at Easter time (and ew, so few posts ago), but it’s worth saying again: I love that my son son dresses up like a superhero to see Santa every year, and I love that it’s something we do together.

Also, this year was so awesome that I actually paid for the digital downloads so I could have all three photos. Usually I just buy one (because really, $20 for a photo of my son with a holiday cosplayer?), but sweet Christmas, check out the cuteness:

Here’s a couple of my son’s past greatest hits:

That’s a creepy Val Kilmer Batman smile, BTW.

If there were a war on Christmas, my son would be winning it.