New year, new you, new face. Since Movember is long gone, it’s time to turn that “mo” into a monster beard. Much like a fine wine, beards never go out of style. Sure, hipsters had a good run, but there is no better time than the present to grow your facial hair and let everyone know that you’re an animal. I’ve had my beard for over two years and have used many products to keep my beard soft and in check with a variety of waxes and balms. My kids dig it and luckily my wife loves it. So when you are looking for help in growing your facial hair, check out the natural beard balm from Lovely Beards.

Beards are the Perfect Look for Men of any Age

Command with authority.

Whether you are a teen, adult, or close to retirement age, a beard can be the perfect look to command an army or your family. The beard can be found on dads, tough guys, athletes, businessmen, and even me. There are plenty of styles you can choose, from the Distinguished Gentleman to the Wooly Bully.

Lovely Beards has the best beard facial balm, whether you are new to having a beard or a seasoned veteran. The balm can easily be applied to any facial hair or skin type, and only a small amount on the face each day will go a long way. The beard grooming products from Lovely Beards are known for taming and conditioning hair.

Grooming is Key to the Overall Health of Your Beard

Don’t be a beard slob! When you are starting to grow your beard, make sure to set up a routine that ensures your beard’s long-term health. Wait five weeks before you trim or shave to help your hair grow more evenly. Applying a little bit of moisturizer on your skin each day will help your hair grow more evenly.

Itching can be annoying! The all natural beard care products from Lovely Beards, including the beard oil, help you avoid the itch and mange of traditional facial hair. Lovely Beards’ line of beard oils includes all-natural ingredients, such as Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Aloe, and Aloe Vera Gel.

Lovely Beards’ line of natural beard balm products will ensure that your facial hair is protected from everyday damage. When you are growing your beard, they will be your biggest ally in your beard’s overall health.

Whether you’re just beginning your bearded journey or just want to maintain that healthy shine, use Lovely Beards’ products to protect your beard and budget.

Disclosure: I partnered with Lovely Beards and was compensated for my involvement.