Have you ever gotten a case of the feels while watching a toilet paper commercial? Angel Soft’s new commercials want just that – and feature dads prominently in the mix.

Angel Soft, a Georgia-Pacific brand, partnered with Deutsch to drop the toilet-paper-typical “your fingers won’t break through this one” sentiment and instead use the tagline, “Be soft. Be strong.” Emotions. Character. Agency. Frankly, people have never had a product they use on their winkers be so emotionally supportive.

There are three spots so far, two featuring fathers. “First Breakup” shows a teenage son sitting in the bathroom crying as dad sits outside the door trying to comfort him:


“First Breakup” bucks the “boys don’t cry” image for a much more human, realistic story.

And in “Just Dad,” a single father has to figure out restroom changing tables, puberty, leg shaving and dating talks, all on the fly:


It’s great to see a brand “get it.” Angel Soft isn’t just selling you on ply and quilting; this is the toilet paper of life, man. This is the dry-your-tears-cover-shaving-nicks paper.

This isn’t Deutsch’s first foray into showing fathers in commercials. They were the ones that gave us one of the most watched Super Bowl ads of all time, “The Force.” From Volkswagen, the 2011 spot featured a Darth Vader-clad boy trying to use his powers on everything around the house. Dad makes his day by chirping the car alarm as the boy attempts to force choke the family’s 2012 Passat. Deutsch has also showcased positive fatherhood imagery in Target and Zillow commercials in the past.

Angel Soft has also created more “Stories of Softness and Strength” from parents that you can watch on their site.