Disclosure: I’m part of Netflix’s Stream Team. All views are mine. I wasn’t paid for this post.

That being said: Iron Fist! Hype!

If you’ve had a conversation with me about Marvel in the last two years (and you totally have), you know that I’m all about the Marvel shows on Netflix. It’s Marvel stuff that appeals to me as an adult – in lieu of the family-friendly, big screen, in-your-face superhero PEW PEW fights and cake mix dialogue, the Netflix shows have a lot more time and space to create human drama. And because they’re on Netflix, they can have adult language and violence that wouldn’t pass on regular television. You’d be surprised how much more engaging a superhero show is for me when someone drops an f-bomb or gets their arm broken in two places.

In fact, I’m SO hyped about keeping Iron Fist to myself that I’m virtually sitting in my own, empty Netflix theater in VR, just waiting for the episodes to hit Netflix on March 17!

Sidebar: Have you watched Netflix in VR yet? Imagine watching a show on a virtual theater screen – and being able to look around the theater in 360 degrees. Photos don’t do it justice. The Oculus Netflix app even lets me watch movies in my choice of venues: in a theater, a home living room, on the moon (!!!), among blades of grass in a Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids-like backyard, or in “the Void,” an all-black, environment-less space where you can reposition the screen at any angle. Pro tip: use the Void when you want to watch Netflix lying in bed. You can lay down, center the screen right above you and adjust the size to fit your comfortable field of vision.

The best part of enjoying the Marvel shows in my own virtual theater is that I can totally multitask. I can do my daily family routines while still watching whatever I want, in a theater all to myself. It’s the best of both worlds, people. Check it out:

Making my son breakfast:


I make the best breakfasts. Tremendous breakfasts.

Navigating the house:


I know the layout of my house without looking. I’m basically Daredevil.

Helping my son with homework:


I help my son with homework…in spirit.

Tucking my son in for bed:


Sweet dreams. Admittedly not as sweet as Netflix.

Initiating romance with my wife:


The passion. The excitement. This is 10 years.

Guys, I’m so excited for Marvel’s Iron Fist. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were all really awesome shows – all with their own personalities and flow. And even better, the shows have all weaved together in wonderful ways, since Netflix is leading up to a joint Defenders series, first teased at Comic-Con. Sweet Christmas!

Check the trailer for Iron Fist. Get hyped with me.

The glorious violence! The potential for delicious bad words! OMG! I can’t wait to NOT share Iron Fist with my 8 year old!