The normalization of gay dads in television commercials has been a slow but steady climb. And the coolest fatherhood commercials to me represent different races and sexualities without making a point to play into stereotypes. To that point, AT&T’s recent commercial “OK: Babysitter” recently just had me asking “wait, were those gay dads?”

It’s always been my own personal goal for gay dads to hit a level in commercials where they were just up alongside straight dads in a way where the message was “dads” without delineating between straight and gay.

That’s why I think AT&T’s spot, “OK: Babysitter” is great; it gets in and gets out, and you don’t even notice!

But hey, if you do notice, the dads are normal, cool, responsible and into fatherhood. I love it. The gay dads are good, and good is good.

The spot comes to us from Hearts & Science and BBDO, who has worked in the past on a lot of ads featuring fathers, both in the United States and abroad. They’ve even got past AT&T ads featuring fathers as well. Hearts & Science has worked with BBDO on plenty of projects, including an older AT&T Father’s Day ad.

Have you seen “OK: Babysitter”? What do you think about it? Comment below!