8BitDad is Bryan Ferguson & Zach Rosenberg; two friends who were born in the ’80s share their experiences in fatherhood.

We hail from the 1980s generation when only 8-bit video games existed. Call us geeks, nerdy, or tech-nostalgic fathers, we have created a website for all lovers of the old school. We share parenthood news stories, science, studies, opinions, lists and videos from around the internet. We do Q&As with some other geeky parent type folks, and talk about our own kids because they’re special snowflakes.

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We’re not just tooting our own Guitar Hero guitars (is that possible?!). Other people like us too:

“The caped vigilantes of dad blogging with the drive of Batman, the toys of Ironman & silky skin of Wonder Woman” -Charlie, HowToBeADad.com

“It’s worth the bottle of laptop screen cleaner you’ll have to buy to make up for the spit-out-your-drink laughter that ensues.” -Jeanne Sager, The Stir

“The best thing playing on that specific URL.” -Whit Honea, blogger, author of The Parents’ Phrase Book

“Zach and Bryan broadcast funny custom videos, weird kid-and-parent-related news and pretty much anything else that’ll make you laugh out loud.” -Allie Early, TimeOut New York

“Even if you don’t have kids, it’ll make you want to knock someone up.” -Wyatt, some dude from Oakland, CA

Comedy Central’s @Midnight even mentioned 8BitDad (video here, skip to 27:40), so you know we’re like a bucket of bees’ knees.

Founding Fathers

Bryan Ferguson, Co-Founder

Bryan grew up in the cool shade of a California orange tree in the San Fernando Valley. He spent his adolescent years in pursuit of music performing with his band at Hollywood clubs and a handful of states. He has been featured in Tattoo Magazine and the Ventura County Star.

His daughter was born in September 2010 and his son was born on May 4, 2013.

bryan [at] 8bitdad [dot] com


Zach Rosenberg, Co-Founder

Zach grew up under a nearby orange tree in California’s San Fernando Valley. 

His son was born in January 2009.

zach [at] 8bitdad [dot] com


Justin Westbrook

Justin grew up in a distant dusty exurb of Los Angeles. He wrestled in high school and helped raise goats and chickens on his parent’s novelty breeding farm. He spent six years in the Army as a linguist and finished college, where he learned how to read very unsympathetically and also how to criticize smart people.

His son was born a little while ago, his other son was born a little before that. Recently, him and his wife added a daughter.

Richard Law

Richard graduated from Western Washington University in 1995 with an MA in writing; he and his family live near Woodinville, WA. He is Dad to 9-year-old Anna and 7-year-old Alex, both of whom work tirelessly to keep him on his toes and test his knowledge.

Tom Burns

Tom is a 10-year veteran at an educational publishing company and has been a writer and/or contributing editor for pop culture sites like UGO.com, MovieRetriever.com, TheDeadbolt.com, and HollywoodChicago.com. Most recently, he founded BuildingaLibrary.com – a website devoted to helping parents find the right books for their kids.

Remy Stevensen

Remy grew up on MTV in the 80’s in rural America until joining the military at 17. When his first son was born, his world flipped, and he left the military. His feminist wife Cait beat Lymphoma, and somewhere along the way, home-birthed his daughter and second son. Remy recently sold 98% of his belongings to take Cait and two of his three kids on the adventure of a lifetime.

Nicholaus Noles

Nick is a dad and avid gamer. He writes about psychology, games, and the psychology of games. Nicholaus received a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Yale University, and works as a developmental psychologist at the University of Michigan, but he learned the most important lesson in life early: Don’t play Contra with your older brother, because he’ll jump in a pit just to make you angry.

Justin Aion

Justin is father to two girls, husband to one wife and the teacher to several dozen students. He is an accomplished cook, acceptable baker, passionate lover, amateur astrophysicist, and avid kilt wearer. You can read more of Justin’s parenting adventures on his blog: http://mraion.blogspot.com.

Huckleberry Starnes

Huckleberry Starnes is an artist and industrial designer, who after working for clients like NASA, The Smithsonian Institution, CIA, FBI, and the U.S. Military, took on the role of stay at home dad. He wants to help other dads maintain their geek lifestyle while being a positive role model, a supportive partner, and cool dad. Huckleberry has one kid who still has that “new baby smell,” and another one on the way. You can follow his other stories on his blog: http://rulethegalaxy.tumblr.com.

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