Cardstore Presents “Unscripted Moments” for Father’s Day
6 years ago

Cardstore Presents “Unscripted Moments” for Father’s Day

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Fatherhood is all seat-of-your-pants decisions. Whenever I think I’m a couple of steps ahead of my son, he proves to me that I’m not. As a dude that reads tons of dad blogs and other parenting articles, I typically think I’ve got a one-up on my son. And then my son will say or do something that takes me to a knee and makes me rethink everything I know about him.

Okay, so let’s flashback. Before Mother’s Day, Cardstore and ad agency Mullen made a video that I wasn’t the biggest fan of. I won’t go into it here because dude, I already did. So, if you’d like, you can read it HERE.

The great news is that Cardstore listened to criticisms and was excited to share their Father’s Day video with a bunch of bloggers – and I like it a lot more than the previous offering.

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